Still feeling fat after trying...
[insert every diet on the market]?
Guess what?

It’s not your fault.

… It’s not entirely the food's fault either.

You were just missing the one not-so-small, life-changing pre-requisite
for any healthy diet, weight-loss, or physical activity to do its thing.

>>Ready to be dished out the true weight-loss recipe?
 Losing weight is about managing your mind, not your diet.
Grab your FREE Re-write Your Transformation Story 
And re-wire your brain so you can finally become your ideal weight.
(Real Changes. For Good)

“The Most Powerful Life Transformation Technique 
And YOU’RE in Charge”
In This Fully Loaded Training
The 3-step ‘Life Plate Framework’ to begin your life transformation  
Understand the deep meaning of what you’re really putting on your plate
How to train your brain to not eat when you're not hungry  
And how to stop using the dinner plate as a coping tool for emotional pain
The top everyday mistakes professional women make when trying to lose weight  
The secret to owning your F.A.T and why it’s the #1 things stopping you from losing your weight for good
Your personal customized manifesto 
For reflection, meditation, and self-guidance so you can confidently re-write your happiness and mental well-being
What Your Dominant Eating Personality Is  
And how to use your 'triggers' to your advantage to modify your thoughts and embrace who you're becoming
How to uncover the vicious cycle
That leads to depression, weight gain, anxiety, and stress - so you’re empowered to make an intentional change
Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
Modify your thoughts
And embrace who you’re becoming...

Let’s hit RESET on your MINDSET.

So you can live out true transformation:
health, weight, and happiness.

It begins TODAY.
This is a no brainier if you...
Have been trying to lose weight for months or years but keep fluctuating OR are finding only minimal results

Are demotivated by your current weight and are SO ready for a life full of ease, energy, and excitement

Have lost inspiration to lose weight because nothing in the past has worked for you before

Are unsatisfied with where you’re at in life: health, happiness, personal relationships, confidence, and/or career

Are open to the concept that fad diets and pills are just bandaids and won’t get you to the route of the issue 

Want to find mindset clarity and are ready to open your heart to a professional who cares

Have goals and desires in life but keep getting tripped up by the “I’m not good enough” factor

 Who am I?
I am Dr. Radisha Brown, 
AKA Your Mental Weight-ologist
Mental health therapist and award-winning author of, “Girl Get off the Couch,” Dr. Radisha is on a mission to help professional women stop self-hate and finally lose their physical weight. After completing her personal 80-pound weight loss journey, this former big girl understands that your mental weight should be top priority. Then, and only then, will the physical weight drop.
This guide will help you view food as your alliance. Not your enemy. 
It is the guaranteed first step towards happy, healthy, loved & lean.
Ready to Lose your WEIGHT 
And Gain Your Worth?
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